And no baby.

Tim suggested that perhaps he is just a stickler for the rules, and will come out later tonight, as today is his due date after all. I am not so sure. If he takes after his mom and dad at all, “on time” is technically late. 🙂 I have to be 10 minutes early for things or I freak out.

Maybe we’ll have a slow poke? He already seems pretty laid-back.

People keep calling/texting/facebooking me, asking if I am feeling any contractions, anything…I feel bad telling them “nope…nothing.” It’s true though. Not a single Braxton Hicks all day. It’s a little annoying to feel like a watched pot, but what can you do?

We’re running errands today…so perhaps all that walking will do something. I am not holding my breath though. I have pretty much resigned myself to going for another week, or longer. Other than being uncomfortably large at this point, with a belly that honestly could not get any larger, I am okay with waiting a bit more. As long as I’m okay and Sam’s okay he can cook as long as he needs to.


39 week appointment

I am never going to go into labor. 😦 Or that’s how I feel anyway.

Barb checked me and I am still fully closed and 50% affaced, just like I was 3 weeks ago. Ugh. I have been having more contractions and had the odd sensation of my cervix doing…something the past few days, so I was really hoping for a more encouraging progress report. Barb said it doesn’t mean anything….I am quite normal and I could go into labor tonight or it could be another week.

She did an estimate of his size with her hands on my belly and said he was about 8 lbs even. I am relieved. 8 lbs is a good-sized baby, but by no means huge. I am confident that I can push him out. :)I do think it’s funny when I tell people he is 8 lbs right now…8 lbs is normal, and average, but people act like it’s huge. I don’t really know why…I think it’s a healthy weight.

Barb is on call tonight and this weekend, so please pray Sam decides to come when Barb is on call. I would be okay with Andrea delivering as I like her, but I obviously feel more at ease with Barb.

I was practicing my relaxation and deep breathing during my cervical check and Barb said I was doing a great job, and would do great in labor. The conscious relaxation and abdominal breathing really does help. I think labor will be intense but I am starting to feel more confident about it. We’ve certainly practiced!! Now if I could just actually go ino labor, we’d be set. 🙂

Labor worries etc

Is it possible that I will never go into labor on my own? I mean, is that possible?

I need to ask Barb on Thursday what happens if I go into my 41st week. I am due on Saturday and I don’t think I am going to go into labor anytime soon.

I am trying not to worry about it, but I don’t know how the birth center handles situations like this. I don’t want to be induced…..

Stupid full moon…

Full moon, spicy food, sex, walking….it’s all crap. All of it.

False labor continues

My appointment yesterday was good. We met Andrea, who is the other midwife who would deliver Sam if Barb isn’t on call that night (Barb’s daughter is like 32 weeks pregnant with twins, so she might be unavailable). I have talked to Andrea on the phone a few times for various scares so she and I thought it would be good to actually meet. She didn’t check me yesterday though so I don’t know if I have made any progress. She did give a few suggestions to start things along though. Tim and I employed the use of a few of her suggestions last night after dinner (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge) and I started having some really strong contractions, lasting about 1.5 minutes and about 2-3 minutes apart. They weren’t real regular though, and eventually spaced out and went away. ARGH! But I did feel some weird sharp pains in my cervix when this was going on so maybe I have started dilating a little? Still no mucus plug that I have been able to find.

I am measuring at 40 weeks so it is TIME for this kid to come out!! Andrea felt him and said she though he’d be an average-sized baby, but loooong. She predicted 21 inches and said he was all legs. 🙂

Maybe he’ll play center in basketball, or wide receiver in football?

I just really want to meet him.

I don’t even know what to call this post.

Last night I was having contractions. I forced Tim to watch Newsies with me and time them. They were pretty strong, started in my back, and about 6-7 minutes apart there for a while. I was getting so excited. Maybe this was labor! Maybe Sam would be born that very evening!

No. Like all of my contractions I have been having, they eventually spaced out to 10 minutes apart, then 15, then 20, then nothing.

False labor sucks. It’s really kind of discouraging!

I guess I can just hope that those contractions last night did something to my cervix, yes?

Even my emails mock me.

I get weekly emails that tell me how big Sam is in relation to produce and other such developmental milestones. They have always been fun and interesting to read and I loved knowing that he was the size of an avocado one week, and the size of a butternut squash later on.

Now, these emails mock me.

This kid is ready to go! All of his systems are up and running, and his brain is functioning better every day. Your fully developed baby is now biding his time, getting in some R&R during his final days in the womb.

Sam….you can come out now.