growth spurts and whatnot

sam enjoys eating. it ranks high in his list of  favorite activities. he must be going through his 6 week growth spurt because for the past 2-3 days all he does is eat! he didn’t hardly sleep for 24 hours. it was like his body was growing so fast that whatever he took from me was instantly utilized and so he was never satisfied. don’t get me wrong, i think it is endlessly fastenating that my body can produce whatever amount he asks for, but i was getting pretty tired. last night he slept great though — two 4 hour stretches. then this morning i swear he looked bigger. i am excited to find out how much he has gained this week on monday. i bet he’s at least 11 lbs by now.

our pediatrician sent home this little flyer and it said to start trying to get him on a routine. ha. what routine? i have been reading the baby sleep book by dr. sears and tring to figure out his sleepy times. it seems like he gets sleepy every night around 7 or so, so we have been trying to put him down around that time. it doesn’t always work. or ever. especially because he wants to eat…whenver. at random times. so i am not really sure how feeding on cue really works with a schedule. but at the same time i am starting to desire some kind of routine in my life, and feel like structure is good for sam. maybe he’s still too little and this will work itself out. i don’t really know. i know that i don’t believe in letting him cry it out so if he cries, i pick him up. i will let him fuss in his co-sleeper for a few minutes but if it’s obvious that he’s getting more and more aggravated i come in and get him. i can’t stand just letting him cry.

i am also working through being basically the only one who can comfort him. tim, i think, is starting to feel a bit left out. he very sweetly wants to comfort and be able to soothe his son, but it’s like i’ve told him…9 times out of 10 right now if sam is fussy nursing will soothe him and unfortunately for all of us tim cannot lactate. doesn’t have the goods. it would certainly be nice if he did have the goods sometimes!!

i am learning a lot, and praying that i don’t somehow damage the poor kid.


2 responses to “growth spurts and whatnot

  1. Here are my two cents. You don’t need to let him “cry it out” until he’s six months or so…and even then you can decide (and if you do decide to do it, it’s hard but worth it).

    As far as a schedule, I prefer to think of it as a “routine.” I don’t think a kid can really settle into a schedule for the first four months. What I tried to do for my own sanity was to do an eat-play-sleep- routine where I’d feed her when she woke up, then we’d play (or have “quiet alert” time as age dictated), then she’d take a nap. I would feed her right before bed at nighttime, but I tried not to let her fall asleep while nursing…otherwise the kid will only fall asleep by nursing and that can cause trouble down the road.

  2. Growth spurts are hard but they don’t last long. I love looking at how big Gabe is getting and knowing that my milk is what’s getting him there, I almost don’t want to start solids in a few months (then I can’t take all the credit for his growth).

    Beware of baby trainers, they do more harm than good. CIO is a terrible idea that doesn’t really work. And take handouts from the ped with a grain of salt. Quite often they are out of date.

    Follow your instincts and listen to your heart you will know what to do. My first put himself on a schedule around 6 months. All I had to do was pay attention. He had clear patterns for when he was sleepy and this is still the same at almost 3.

    Feeding on demand doesn’t not work with a schedule. They are completely opposite, but you will be able to see patterns. Gabe likes to stay awake for about 90 minutes at a time. So every 90 minutes we nurse and he takes a nap.

    My advice to Tim is to be patient. There will come a time when you will be persona non grata and Tim will be the one that he wants. But he can do alot right now, even if it’s just sitting with you as you calm Sam down. And remember that babies can pick up on emotions and will react accordingly.

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