nursing in public

for various reasons, i have to use a nipple shield. eventually, i am hoping, sam will outgrow needing to use it. until then, it’s just a part of our breastfeeding relationship.

i am just not sure i can ever leave the house and nurse him in public. at least, not discreetly.

so i have a choice to make. i can never leave the house, for fear of having to nurse him and show something when trying to latch him on with the shield. or i can just deal with the fact that some random strangers might see my boob for half a second as i position the shield and then get Sam to latch on.

personally, i am leaning toward just barring it all and saying “eh, screw it.” if people don’t like it, too bad. i gotta feed my kid, you know?


2 responses to “nursing in public

  1. Random strangers will see your boob.

    But you’ll get to know some good semi-private places to nurse. Babies R Us has a room for nursing mothers. You can, of course, nurse in restrooms (but it seems yucky, so only do it as a last resort). I really liked dressing rooms for nursing–it’s as private as a restroom stall but without the toilet. When you’re at the mall, just pick your favorite store’s dressing rooms, and Target has good dressing rooms as well. I also spent a lot of time huddled in the back seat of my car. With locking yourself in and using a blanket, it’s nice. Plus, you can leave Sam in the car seat while you get situated, then grab him out of it. P.S. The car is parked at the time. And if you’re ever at a friend’s house, they will most certainly let you go to a room where you can close the door (or won’t care if you nurse in front of them, depending upon the gender of your friends and who all is there. Oh, another thing I would do if I was out, say, grocery shopping and other errands where there might not have been dressing rooms, I would stop either at a friend’s house or at the church, and close myself into someone’s spare bedroom. You have many friends who are randomly home during the day and live in a nice variety of locations.

    I breastfed for nearly a year and nursed Everywhere–and don’t know that I ever, in actuality, flashed a stranger. Friends, though–sorry to all of them for the show.

    But if you’re going out somewhere for a while and want a friend who will stand in front of you with a blanket, just give me a call.

    Hope this helps! Definitely don’t stay home.

  2. I think it is sad that we even have to worry about things like that. You should be able to feed your baby whenever and wherever you want to!

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