39 week appointment

I am never going to go into labor. 😦 Or that’s how I feel anyway.

Barb checked me and I am still fully closed and 50% affaced, just like I was 3 weeks ago. Ugh. I have been having more contractions and had the odd sensation of my cervix doing…something the past few days, so I was really hoping for a more encouraging progress report. Barb said it doesn’t mean anything….I am quite normal and I could go into labor tonight or it could be another week.

She did an estimate of his size with her hands on my belly and said he was about 8 lbs even. I am relieved. 8 lbs is a good-sized baby, but by no means huge. I am confident that I can push him out. :)I do think it’s funny when I tell people he is 8 lbs right now…8 lbs is normal, and average, but people act like it’s huge. I don’t really know why…I think it’s a healthy weight.

Barb is on call tonight and this weekend, so please pray Sam decides to come when Barb is on call. I would be okay with Andrea delivering as I like her, but I obviously feel more at ease with Barb.

I was practicing my relaxation and deep breathing during my cervical check and Barb said I was doing a great job, and would do great in labor. The conscious relaxation and abdominal breathing really does help. I think labor will be intense but I am starting to feel more confident about it. We’ve certainly practiced!! Now if I could just actually go ino labor, we’d be set. 🙂


One response to “39 week appointment

  1. People think that 8 pounds is huge b/c everyone is in such a hurry to not be pregnant anymore that babies aren’t allowed to grow for as long as they need to.

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