Labor worries etc

Is it possible that I will never go into labor on my own? I mean, is that possible?

I need to ask Barb on Thursday what happens if I go into my 41st week. I am due on Saturday and I don’t think I am going to go into labor anytime soon.

I am trying not to worry about it, but I don’t know how the birth center handles situations like this. I don’t want to be induced…..


3 responses to “Labor worries etc

  1. I felt that way too! Our midwife said women usually don’t go past 41.5 weeks. I have a friend that gave birth at the birth center after 42 weeks. She just had to have an ultrasound and Non stress tests to make sure baby was ok and then she was able to wait till her body went into labor naturally. I didn’t need any interventions either and I am so thankful. It is nice to let the body go into it naturally. Although the last week I sure was ready!

  2. Well, that is good…at least there is hope that I will go into labor soon!! Because yeah I worry about my placenta starting to break down, etc…as long as Sam is doing okay in there he can stay in I guess. 🙂 I hope he decides to come soon though.

  3. I felt the same way with Gabe. I thought I was going to be preggers forever and had talked with my midwife about laws re: going past due date.

    I went into labor a few hours later.

    Hang in there.

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