That obligatory year-in-review post

2008 has been a crazy year. It started with a trip to Florida and seeing my brother get married. Right after we returned we had learned that Tim had been laid off, leaving us both unemployed. February brough new jobs for both of us — Tim at Ontario Systems and me at Starbucks. Late winter and early spring were spent for me in a mire of depression and searching — I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing with my life, and I was adjusting to the idea of having a college degree and a job with a drive-thru. My confidence had been shot, I was lonely, and I remember crying out to God that I wanted something, anything to change.

And change appeared in the form of two little pink lines.

The name Samuel means “Asked of the Lord” in Hebrew. I asked for change, and change is coming.

The majority of this year has been consumed with preparing for Sam’s arrival. Those preparations included a re-valuation of lifestyle — living like a couple of DINKs in Fishers was going to have to change with a baby. We bought our first home, a blessing I am thankful for every day. Tim and I like to say that Sam made us grow up. We had to be more responsible with our money and time and resources.

It’s been a growing year. A year of good times and bad, but more good than bad. Our marriage is still intact, by the grace of God, and I can say today with all honesty that I am so thankful that Tim is my husband. He is truly a blessing in my life, my best friend, and easily my favorite person on this planet. We’re very blessed to not only love each other but to geniunely like each other. I am really excited to see how the Lord will use fatherhood to mold him more and more into the godly man he is.

I asked Tim this morning if he had any New Year’s resolutions. His answer? “To be a good daddy and to not get fired.” That should give you some insight into my husband’s heart. He is hard-working and diligent and tough, and he inspires me to be the same.

My New Year’s resolutions?

Well, to be a good mommy, for one. To lose this baby weight (come on — what is a New Year’s resolution list without one that includes something about losing weight or working out more?). To run a 5K (this was on my list last year, and I was training for it when I discovered I was pregnant…and even though running is okay in early pregnancy if you’re used to it, I was too chicken to push myself too far and quit).

Anyway. I am excited to see what 2009 will bring. God is faithful!


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