37 week appointment

Good appointment today. Sam is doing just fine — wiggling and squirming, heart rate at 144. I think he was taking a nap and we woke him up with the doppler. šŸ™‚ We talked about labor — I said that I was excited about it (and I am!) but also a little terrified. Barb said that was quite normal, even normal to have nightmares at this time as my subconscious works through all these fears and anxieties. She said that during labor it was her job to worry and my job to work. That made me feel better…I said I was worried that we’d forget everything we learned during our Bradley class and she said it was okay, she’d be there to offer suggestions and to answer any questions I had or Tim had. I just love her. šŸ™‚ I am so thankful that she is delivering my baby and not that grumpy old man OB I had started out with early on during this pregnancy!

I am still about 50% effaced and still closed, so no nothing new there. She did say I was quite mushy and that that was a good thing. She also said not to put too much hope in those things…all that really matters is contractions.

Bad news…we did my group B strep culture last week but today Barb found out that the lab lost my results!! She was pretty mad. We re-did the test today but if I go into labor within the next 48 hours I will need the IV antibiotics because we won’t know whether I was positive or negative, and it’s probably good to err on the side of caution. Grr. Stupid lab.

It was a pretty laid-back appointment in general…most of my major concerns have been answered, so now we’re just playing the waiting game. I was still measuring large…39 weeks.Ā  As long as he is smaller than that 14 lbs kid born in California last week I’m fine with it. šŸ™‚


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