36 week appointment

I was right. I have dropped. Sam is still head-down, anterior (yay!) and at -1 station. I am still closed but effaced 50%. It’s exciting to have some progress and to know that I won’t be pregnant forever!!

Everything looks good…now we’re just playing the waiting game. I am getting impatient. Pray for patience for me…I am hoping that Sam comes at like 38 weeks but I know full well that it might be 40 or 41 weeks.  Today I spent some time in Sam’s room folding and re-folding some his clothes…I can hardly believe that he is almost here.

I am still measuring a little large…38 weeks at 36 weeks. I hope that means Sam is coming sooner. People keep joking that Sam weighs 11 lbs and stuff. I am not amused.


One response to “36 week appointment

  1. Yay! So excited for you! I remember those days though of waiting. Keep busy doing fun things whenever possible. Do all those things you won’t be doing much or at all when Sam makes his grand entrance! 🙂

    Oh and good news bad news about measuring big–I measured 2-4 cm large each time and Michaela only weighed 7lbs 11oz, bad news she came at 41.5 weeks! Well for now on I know I tend to go into labor after I spend the day before crying my eyes out about wanting to go into labor. I hope you find yourself more stable!

    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas!

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