34 week appointment

My appointment went well today. We talked about newborn procedures and treatments (waived the erythomyacin eye goop — don’t have any STDs so it’s kind of silly; yes to the vitamin K shot — intercranial bleeding is a terrifying thought, and can be prevented with just a little prick in the foot — seems worth it to me; and we’re waiting until he’s 48 hours old for the metabolic screen). Next time I get tested for group B strep. I hope I don’t have it. Although, Barb said if I do have it we’ll just do the IV in about 15 minutes and then unhook it, so I won’t have to be chained to the IV for very long during labor. I am still measuring a little large, but not much — 35 cm at 34 weeks 4 days. Barb said that is quite normal. My weight gain — uh. Well, let’s just say that I enjoyed Thanksgiving. Moving on. Blood pressure is good — 118 over…I can’t remember. Barb said it was “perfect.”

When Barb went to measure my fundal height, Sam stuck his bum way out. Little show-off. 🙂 It was hilarious. Barb said that I better be careful or I am going to have a 2-year old pulling his pants down in public. 🙂 He is indeed head-down (and Barb said he would most likely stay that way — thank God) and she confirmed my suspicions that he is posterior. She said not to worry about it though — he has to turn for his head to fit in my pelvis, so while he might be posterior now, he will turn once he starts dropping through my pelvis.

Oh, and I asked about evening primrose oil. She said I could take it orally, but she didn’t really recommend it, especially vaginally. She said that studies have shown it can cause premature rupture of membranes (PROM) and I am not really excited about that, so I think I’ll skip it, even orally. Red raspberry leaf tea, though, is good — and I have been drinking my 3 cups a day like a good girl.


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