Head down and ready to go!

At my appointment one of the midwives, Kathy, confirmed that the little knobby things up high in my uterus are, in fact, little feet. So he’s definitely head down. I have been feeling these little feet for quite some time now — maybe a month? — so he seems to really like that position.

I am 32 weeks, but my fundal height is 34 cm. Kathy says that’s fine, nothing to worry about. It just means that Sam is growing big and strong! I’m thankful. I expressed concern about giving birth to a 30-pound kid but Barb assured me that would not happen. I had been thinking that I would go a little late with him, making his birthday around January 20th or so. But now that I am measuring a little larger, I am wondering if perhaps Samuel will make his entrance into this world a little earlier in January, like January 5th or so. My sister-in-law Shalina’s birthday is January 7th, so she is rooting for that day, and my other sister-in-law, Emily, is rooting for January 8th, which is her birthday. My sister’s birthday is January 29th, but I sincerely hope Sam decides to come a bit earlier than that. šŸ™‚

His heart rate was down a little — 132 as opposed to his usual 140-something — but I guess as the babies get bigger the heart rate slows a bit.

How in the world do we only have 52 days until my due date?!


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