32 weeks 3 days

The women’s ministry at my church threw me a a baby shower yesterday (hosted and planned by my lovely friend Julie) and it was great. I felt extremely blessed to have the church family that I have. I’m glad that Sam will (Lord willing) grow up at Crossroads!

This website is fascinating. I spent some time there this morning at 4am when I couldn’t sleep (…again) and some more time there today, trying to figure out what Sam is doing in there. It definitely provides some insight. I think he is head down, with his back laying against the right side of my uterus, but that was this morning at 4am. I felt around later today and I think he may have shifted to a different position — head down still, but with his back along the back of my uterus. I keep feeling kicks and punches on both sides of my womb. Trying to sit with better posture and do more pelvic tilts. I do a bunch of pelvic tilts a day anyway (probably in the hundreds, but I’ve never really added them up) because it does make my back feel better. But I have horrible posture and being a little front-heavy has only made that worse. And the couch is comfy, whereas the floor is not so much. But I’d like to avoid back labor, so on the floor I sit.

I have an appointment tomorrow and Barb will help me determine how he is positioned. I am curious to find out if my guesses are right or way off. šŸ™‚


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