Egg nog

For the record, I hate egg nog. I don’t like the way it smells, the way it tastes, the texture. It’s gross. I mock my husband mercilessly for drinking it (and still buy him some this time of year because he loves it).

And yet…right now all I want is a big glass of freaking egg nog!! What is wrong with me?? Oh yeah, I am pregnant. What makes it worse is the fact that I am not sure I can even have egg nog because of the raw eggs. Although if it’s pasturized it’s probably safe, right?

I’m a freak.

Anyway. 31 weeks pregnant. In the single digits counting down now. Had my prenatal massage on Saturday. Was basically the best thing to ever happen to this poor, aching pregnant body of mine. I could have stayed there forever. I felt pretty good, too, for the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday but today I am sore again.

Other exciting news. Well, of the 5 people who read this thing, most people know that on Friday I went to the hospital because I thought I was in preterm labor. I was, in fact, not in preterm labor — merely tired and dehydrated. I started having low back pain on Thursday (which is unusual because my back hurts higher up, like right now, for example) and a yucky, crampy, nauseated feeling. I drank some water, rested, went to the David Crowder concert (which Sam seemed to enjoy…it was really loud and he kicked like crazy during the songs), came home, called it a night. On Friday the back pain started up again and so did the crampy feeling so I started to get concerned. Called midwife on call (Barb was out of town). She said that she wanted me to go to the hospital just to make sure that everything was okay and that I wasn’t going into labor. Called husband. Forced him to leave work in the middle of the day. Called dad (who was the closest to me) and had him drive me to the hospital. They monitored Sam’s heartbeat and my uterine activity. He was in there, galloping away (his heartbeat sounds like hoofbeats now…so cute) and I was having some contractions, but they weren’t really strong or in a regular pattern, so they sent me home.

So that was an exciting little trip.

I am glad that everything is okay. Before my dad got to the house to pick me up I was scurrying around trying to pack a few things because the midwife said that Murphy’s Law would take effect — if I brought a bag, I’d be sent home, but if I came with nothing, I’d have to stay. So I packed. I kept thinking, is today the day? Is today your birthday, little boy? I prayed that it wasn’t, but ultimately felt at peace when going to the hospital. I thought I would be inwardly freaking out but I was surprisingly calm.

I just need to be more diligent about drinking water and staying hydrated. I’ve been doing better and haven’t been having Braxton Hicks as much.

Well, I just heard the dryer buzz so I need to go get the laundry….


2 responses to “Egg nog

  1. I heart egg nog. I have become addicted to it in the last couple of years, but usually wait until I’ve finished the apple cider from the fridge to move on to that stage. I am definitely looking forward to the egg nog latte (which you could have without worrying about eggs since the ‘nog is steamed). Sorry this comment has no actual value.

  2. Yeah I was thinking about egg nog lattes today, and how I could have one since the nog is steamed.

    I just want a big cold glass. Non-alcoholic, of course. With cookies.


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