29 weeks

My appointment on Thursday went really well. I had a little scare really early Wednesday morning. Sam just hadn’t been moving as much as I thought he should have been, and it had me worried. I finally called the midwife at 1:20am. She said if I had felt 5 movements within the hour that he was probably fine (which I had, but they just didn’t seem as strong to me), but I could go to the hospital for a non-stress test if it would set my mind at ease. I decided I wait until morning, and then make a decision. Right after I hung up the phone with Barb he started kicking like crazy and kept it up all night. I was so relieved. I was also like…Kid…I am so glad you are OK…but did you have to make me worry like that?? I think he has stretches of 2-3 days where he is very active and then days where he just sleeps. Today is a sleepy day for him. Barb said that he’ll probably behave like that once he’s born. So, it looks like I will be up for 2 days and then sleeping for 2 days until he gets into a more normal routine. 🙂

The heartbeat was good. 143. We measured my uterus and I am right where I should be. Blood pressure was good. My weight…hmm. Well, I gained 11 lbs last month. I have gained 40 lbs so far. Ugh. Not very excited about that. I don’t really look bigger (at least in my estimation) except for the belly and boobs. No wonder my back hurts. 🙂 As long as I am eating healthy foods, it’s fine. I guess that means I should put the Halloween candy down….

Barb wants me to do a glucose tolerance test, even though she says I am extremely low risk for gestational diabetes. So I need to do that sometime before my next appointment.

I am really excited about the next appointment because I’ll be 31 weeks and Barb said we’ll be able to tell whether he is head up or head down by then. Definitely looking forward to that. We’re also going to go over our birth plan, which I wrote last night at 3am when I couldn’t sleep.

Samuel weighs as much as a butternut squash this week! I actually am nerdy enough that I went to my kitchen and cradled a butternut squash in my arms to get the full effect. 🙂 Tim thought that was funny so we took some pictures…

Let’s see…what else. Oh! For my birthday (last Wednesday) Tim got me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage at this place in Broad Ripple AND included enough on the card that I could get a manicure or something. Isn’t he the best?? My back definitely hurts….so he has good timing, too. 🙂


One response to “29 weeks

  1. Enjoy your massage. I had one about the same time and it was the best thing I could’ve done at the time. I felt great for the entire day.

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