All we need is the kid.

On Saturday we went to Indy to get some stuff we still needed but didn’t get at my shower. My shower was beautiful, by the way. It was such a blessing to be around family and friends. Sam is so blessed to be born in such a great family. We’ve got issues, that’s for sure, but we really do care for each other. Anyway, in Indy we went to SuperTarget and Babies ‘R Us. We bought the travel system and a co-sleeper. I must be nesting or something because I really felt like “we need to get these things NOW.” I’ve still got 12 weeks to go until my due date. But I hate putting things off until the last minute.

Right after we got the travel system at Target my mother-in-law called. She said that she was at a baby consignment store in Wabash and they had a really nice travel system stroller and carseat. It was Evenflo, not Graco like the one I registered for, but it was $100 bucks cheaper. So I told her to get it. We got it yesterday in Wabash and it is in really good shape. And $100 bucks saved is $100 bucks earned, in my mind. So we will have to return the travel system to Target, but no big deal.

We set up the co-sleeper in our bedroom. I know it’s a little early, but I just want to be ready just in case Sam decides to come early. We’re basically ready now. His nursery is still a mess — it’s been primed and the crib still needs to be set up, but Tim is going to work on that this weekend. I am increasingly feeling impatient and ready for him to just be here. I think I am just growing waery of being pregnant. The other night I woke up and had to walk around for a bit because my legs and hips were hurting. I hopped online and read my January 2009 message board, which I have not checked in a while. I was surprised to find that some have already given birth to their January 09 babies. Such tiny little babies. Some alive in the NICU and some who had died. It put my hip and leg pain in perspective — it’s pretty annoying that no sleep position is comfortable anymore, but I can put up with it for the sake of my little boy. It could be a lot worse than being uncomfortable.

I am really tired though. I hit 28 weeks and started feeling as fatigued as I felt really early on in my pregnancy. My midwife says women in the third trimester don’t ever enter a restorative sleep portion of their sleep cycles, so it’s normal to be tired. And I am. I slept for 12 hours last night (or, at least I stayed in bed that long). But it is good practice. And I am blessed to not have to work right now, so I can take as many breaks and naps during the day as I need. Naps are my best friend.

Tim and I are increasingly excited about Sam’s arrival. My slight anxiety about childbirth and delivery has shifted now to life postpartum. I am more worried about my capabilities to be a mom than about my body’s ability to give birth. Still, I am so excited for him to be here. I just want to hold him and see his face and kiss his little hands and feet. I have been having more dreams about him at night when I do manage to sleep. I just love him so much…and I can hardly wait to meet him.

I have a prenatal appointment on Thursday and then I start going every 2 weeks. I feel in some ways like this pregnancy is flying by, and also like I have been pregnant forever. January seems both really close and really far away.


3 responses to “All we need is the kid.

  1. Talk about your fears re: childbirth with your hubby and midwife. And remember that your body is made to birth babies, you can do it. If I can do it in the car then I know that you can.

  2. You gave birth in the car?!

    I have not heard this story….

  3. Very exciting!! I loved going to prenatal appts. more and more frequently. I miss visiting the midwives now that we only have 2 visits left! Very sad. I guess it will be something to look forward to in the next pregnancy! 🙂 Enjoy the preparations!

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