People commenting on how big I am getting is getting rather old, rather quickly.

For the record, my goal in pregnancy is to grow the healthiest baby possible, not fit into a bikini 4 months postpartum. It is also my goal to stay healthy and low-risk.

I eat healthy foods. Whole, unprocessed foods. Meats, veggies, fruit, dairy. I will occasionally splurge on a bowl of ice cream, but it’s rare.

I have gained an average amount of weight for how far I along I am.

I am carrying all out front. I am fully aware that my belly button sticks out.

But comments like, “Wow, are you sure you’re not having twins?” “Wow, you have 3 more months to get bigger??” and “YOU’RE HUGE!” are not helpful, and basically unkind, and make me have to pray to the Lord that I will love you like He loves you.


One response to “Rant

  1. So annoying. It is weird how people think that pregnancy is some kind of free rein to say dumb things.

    Everyone seems to chime the “twins” one or the “you’re having a 10 lber!” ones. I got those a lot too. I wonder if people just don’t know what to say to pregnant women or what.

    It sounds like you are eating really healthy and that is what counts. Man, it is amazing what our bodies tell us to do and if we listen to them we are really helping ourselves out. The last few weeks of pregnancy I was eating constantly and eating a lot of high fat but healthy fat foods like peanut butter etc. tons and tons like from the spoon and I really think it was in prep for the labor. It was like my body was storing up. Amazing. Anyways trust your body’s intuition and your baby and body will be healthy!

    Ah and I am excited for you all that you have to look forward to. Good things. Enjoy this season.

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