Random links and thoughts and things

  • We bought a crib and changing table at a garage sale last weekend for $35 total. Not too shabby. Still need a crib mattress and a changing table pad, but it is exciting to see Sam’s room come together.
  • We are moved into our house, finally. We still don’t have internet. I am at my mom and dad’s house to watch the debate, but it’s boring, so I decided to get on the internet instead. I am just tired of all the politics, and will be glad when the election is over.
  • I love Google reader. I just love it. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed of the Bible. It’s a good way to read the Word. (HT: 22 Words)
  • It’s almost Christmas. By almost I mean it is October, and I break out the Christmas music around October 1st. I am a freak, I know. My husband thinks I am crazy. I am trying to really get organized early this year, as opposed to most of the time when I realize around December 15th that Christmas is 10 days away and I still have all of my shopping left to do and Christmas cards to send out. Every year of our marriage I have wanted to send out Christmas cards but never got around to it. No more. I found a really cool little countdown that tells me what I should be getting ready and when from now until Christmas (just 12 weeks away). It’s on a blog I discovered called Simple Mom. You should check it out — it is full of great ideas for organizing and budgeting and whatnot. I am really trying to be better at those things, but in the meantime, I am thankful for the wisdom and advice of those who are more gifted in those areas.
  • I made bread today. Only I didn’t have honey, so I substituted molasses. And I didn’t have oatmeal, so I substituted flaxseed. The result? WIN. I love my bread machine.
  • I had a prenatal appointment today again. Everything is good. I was worried that I was gaining too much weight (I gained 12 pounds since my last appointment, and 21 pounds so far since the beginning of my pregnancy) but Barb said I was fine. I am not really that worried about it — being healthy is more important to me than a number on the scale — but still, it is a little unsettling to get on the scale and see that you weigh 181 lbs. We listened to Sam’s heartbeat again. It took two tries because the first time he wiggled away and we had to find him again. 🙂 He’s a wiggly boy, that’s for sure. Sometimes my whole belly jumps and moves and rolls. It’s crazy. Watching my belly move has become nightly entertainment for Tim and I.
  • The debate is boring.

One response to “Random links and thoughts and things

  1. Watching your baby is so cool! I just love that. In Australia I racked up the hours doing that! 🙂 Totally fun!

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