We got the keys to our new house yesterday, so today I packed some more of our stuff and headed up there to clean. The house wasn’t really dirty, but it did have a random other family living in it until yesterday, and well…that’s just gross. So I had to santize the kitchen and the bathrooms in particular.

I am so tired now. That’s one thing about pregnancy that I haven’t enjoyed — I get really tired a lot sooner than I did before I was pregnant. It’s fine if I don’t have a lot to do — I can be lazy and really, no one can say anything to me about it. What did you do today? Oh, not a whole lot. Sat around. Grew a human being. What about you?

See what I mean? I hold the trump card. I grew a human being today. And no one can object.

But on days like today where I not only have to be productive, I want to be productive, it is a little annoying to have to take breaks more often than I would like.

That’s all I have to say on that subject.

It was just so nice to be in our house. I got to clean to my heart’s content (well, or until I got too tired to do much more), and I got to visulaze what I want to do with my little house.

The list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • I want my kitchen to be red and orange. I have visions of curtains with orange flowers and red ric-rac. Kind of vintage-y. I think I’ll paint the walls orange.
  • I want the living room and den to be a sunny yellow. Like the yellow of squash in the fall? Not a bright yellow, but kind of golden.
  • Sam’s room will be blue. With transportation decor. (I would say trains exclusively, as Sam’s daddy loved trains when he was little, but apparently no one makes nursery stuff with just trains anymore. I have looked).
  • We have a ton of books. And I like that. We need more bookcases!

A pretty boring post. I don’t have a lot to say. Just that I am excited and happy to be in our house finally! Even if cleaning other people’s bathrooms is pretty yucky.


2 responses to “Whew.

  1. Those ideas sound beautiful. I love that tone of yellow. So warm and welcoming. Have fun with the nursery too.

    Oh and I hear you about the tiredness. I have been finding naps a sanity saver.

  2. The tiredness will go away for a little while.

    I love the yellow tones too for a house, whenever God blesses us to find one we can afford.

    And pottery barn has train stuff (a bit pricey though)

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