Top Fives Meme

I’m bored. And my brain is addled. It’s hot outside and I hate it. It is driving me insane, the heat. I know in March I will be wishing it were hot and humid outside, but right now all I want is frost on the grass in the morning, hot apple cider, and a reason to wear a scarf.

That being said, I am going to do this meme.

5 things under $5.00 that I couldn’t live without:
Burt’s Bee’s lip balm (the peppermint kind).
Milk. Golly, I love milk.
Old Navy flip flops.
Bolthouse Farms all-natural juices. I am allowed one a week, because I down the thing in one sitting and they are like $4.69 and Tim thinks that is a lot of money, which it is.

5 favorite movies:
A League of Their Own
Mean Girls
The Breakfast Club
Any of the Harry Potter movies

5 favorite baby names I love:
Samuel 🙂
Benjamin (I love this name, but it doesn’t go well with Birkel)

5 songs I love:
Before the Throne of God Above (old hymn…it’s absolutely the most beautiful summation of the hope of the Gospel set to music that I have discovered so far in my life, and I wish we sang it at church)
In Christ Alone (I cry every stinking time we sing it at church. Every time. It is physically impossible for me to get through it without crying).
All I Owe (Matthew Smith)
On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand (there is a pattern to songs I love apparently)
Great is Thy Faithfulness (I know, I just really like hymns)

5 life changing moments
The day I started at Ball State.
The moment I met the Risen Christ — May 2, 2004.
The day I married Tim Birkel.
The moment I saw two pink lines.
And, the moment I found out we were having a little boy. I think when I actually get to hold him for the first time, that will be a life-changing moment, too.

5 current obsessions
Wasting mental energy on discussions pertaining to the upcoming election
Sam 🙂
Not going broke
Researching cloth diapers
Trying to figure out how on earth we are going to be able afford a new (non-dangerous, functioning) car for me without me getting a job, and how I am going to get to a job without a new car. 😦

5 places I want to go
Charleston, SC

5 appliances or kitchen tools I could not live without
I’m going to include indoor plumbing on this list
coffee maker


2 responses to “Top Fives Meme

  1. Let me know if I can help you out with Cloth diapering. We will be cloth diapering this little one and I spent weeks looking up stuff and just finished getting our stash together, spent about 200 dollars total.

  2. Oooh South Carolina is gorgeous! I love Isle of Palms beach!

    Oh and the name Sam is adorable! I love the name but Andrew won’t let me at the moment consider it for a boy name in the future because there is already a relative with the name.

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