A boy!!

Daddy Birkel here!

So, it’s a boy! We were both pretty shocked. Little Sam, we’re sorry, but we’ve been referring to you as “she” for some time now. That’ll change. ๐Ÿ™‚

I grinned all the way back to work. I kept saying aloud to myself, “I’m having a son!” and grinning like a happy, happy fool. Samuel Ezra Birkel, my son – our son. He’s squirmy and wiggly and probably going to be a handful. And he’s already so cute – although people who’ve seen the ultrasound pictures he looks more like Alissa. I don’t know – I think he has the Birkel head. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, the pressur is now off me. I was the last branch of my particular line of Birkels that had a chance to continue on the name. Which, I know, might seem kind of insignificant, and really I wouldn’t have been any less happy with a girl, but it’s something I’m happy about. Maybe a little male ego there.

So now we get to plan the nursery, and pick out the crib and colors and everything. We already got a TON of baby boy clothes from friends of Alissa. It’s funny, we got all this boy stuff, and were sure it was a girl. God’s provided for us, though, since we need to save money wherever we can. God provides, he always does.

My thoughts are pretty scattered, but to sum up. Having a boy. Happy about it. Can’t wait to meet Samuel Ezra Birkel in January.

Tune in later for more Daddy Updates.


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