This is so cool.

Believe it or not, but this woman is 8cm dialated in active labor. She is singing through contractions.

I don’t have nearly as lovely a voice as she does (alas, I was gifted in other areas), but I will have to try singing during labor to help relax me. I sing in my car when I am stressed, so I think it would apply to labor. (And, everything will be hanging out for the world to view anyway, so why worry about how my voice sounds???)

And I sing to my baby in the shower as it is. Maybe he or she will recognize the songs I sing and it will calm both of us?


3 responses to “This is so cool.

  1. She does have a beautiful voice!

  2. This is one of my fav videos to watch. I believe her 7 year old daughter is the one filming her. Beautiful.

  3. That was beautiful in so many ways! I’d say sing and praise Him without abandon while you are laboring. Don’t worry about what you sound like. 🙂

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