1st appointment at Expectations…

This morning we had our first appointment at Expectations, and it was wonderful. I just really like it there. And the midwife Barb is awesome. She made me feel comfortable right away — which is hard if you’re a doctor and I am sitting in an exam room. She was very thorough, and I really feel well taken care of with her. I am so excited!!

They are going to call tomorrow to set up an appointment at a lab in Fishers for our big ultrasound. Pretty soon we should find out what Bean is!

Today when Barb listened to Bean’s heartbeat with the doppler, Bean kept kicking and kicking — it sounded like scratches on the doppler. Barb said that our baby was a wiggly one, which made me so unbelievably happy. 🙂 She said we’re in for a treat at our big ultrasound! I’m glad that our baby is alive and well and kick-kick-kicking. It’ll be cool when I can feel the kicking more consistently.

I cannot wait to meet this wiggly little Bean face-to-face come January! We love you, little one. 🙂


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