Birth center and house stuff

Yesterday the tour of Expectations was AWESOME. Both Tim and myself felt completely at ease there. I don’t know how else to describe it other than it just felt…right. So we told them that we’d like to continue my prenatal care there and have an appointment with the midwife on August 20. (Also, they can send us to a place down the street to do the ultrasound to determine the sex. Yay!)

In house news: we heard back from the sellers about our inspection response. More or less, it was “no.” Nothing we asked them to do was all that major, but we would still like done, like making the water heater in the garage to code, and replacing the well pump because the inspector said it was about to go out. Also, the shower diverter thingie in the main bath wasn’t working right, and they refused to fix it or have a plumber look at it, which concerns us that there is a bigger problem that they are trying to hide. Tim and I basically gave them two choices; either fix what we asked, take $2000 off the price of the house so we can get that stuff fixed, or we walk.

I mean, seriously, people. I know money is tight. But the bottom line is this: we have excellent credit and can actually get financing in this depressed housing market. You can either do what we ask or you can stay in that house forever with your fire-hazard gas water heater and your broken well pump. But if you want to sell your house (and I’m assuming you do, as it was listed for sale)? I’d suggest you do what we ask, thanks.


One response to “Birth center and house stuff

  1. I hope that the house situation works out well.

    The birth center sounds amazing. I wish the one we are going to allowed technical water births. They allow a woman to labor even when pushing in water but not the actual delivery. Someday I want a water birth. I really wanted one this time esp. since I really want to catch the baby. I think it would be easier to do it in water. 🙂 Excited for you that it is working out though!

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