Bradley Method and whatnot…

During my walk this morning I was praying about what to do with Expectations. Ultimately, what I want is what is best for both my baby and for me, and if that was in a hospital with a hospital birth, I’d do it. And if it was in a birthing center with a midwife, then I’d do that. So I prayed, and while I was praying, I felt like I should at least give Expectations a call and see if I could tour the facilities with Tim, and go from there.

I called, and the woman I talked to was very nice and very welcoming. I hate calling doctor’s offices and getting a little attitude from the receptionist. But this woman was very kind. She said that we’d be more than welcome to have a tour of place and that she’d be more than willing to answer any questions we have, even though she wasn’t the midwife. We’re scheduled for 10am on Thursday.

I do have questions. My biggest concerns are: what if I go into labor early? My mom had all her babies early, so I am a little bit terrified of that. Growing up it wasn’t a big deal to me that I was born 10 weeks early and weighed 2lbs 15 oz. That was just…the way things were. It never occurred to me that being born 10 weeks early is actually a BIG DEAL. That’s REALLY early. Praise God that I don’t have anything wrong with my lungs. But I digress. I am actually really worried about going into labor early. So I’d need to find out what would happen if I did, even though I pray every day that this baby would go to term.

The birthing center doesn’t do ultrasounds, but Tim and I want to find out the sex of our baby. Would they be willing to do an ultrasound if I requested one? Could they send me somewhere to have it done if they can’t?

Anyway, I am excited about it. I really hope that we can deliver there.

In related news, Tim and I have decided that we’re going to do the Bradley Method. It’s a 12 week class, and they go over everything from nutrition and exercises that help with labor to Tim’s role as coach. It’s actually called “husband-coached childbirth” because they operate under the philosophy that the pain is made worse when the mother is in an uncomfortable, new environment, without the people she cares about and who care about her. I think this is the biggest reason I don’t want to have a hospital birth: I hate hospitals. I associate them with sickness and with my mom being sick when I was little. They are sad, scary, weird-smelling places. And I don’t think I’d be able to relax or feel comfortable in one. The Bradley Method encourages being in a comfortable place. And I think Tim would be a kick-ass labor coach.

They encourage you to sign up for the classes early, as they limit the class sizes to 6 couples. And, because the class is 12 weeks long, they want you to start taking the classes in your 5th month. When I first read that, I thought oh well, we have some time. Then I realized, wait, I am in my 4th month now! I will be 5 months pregnant at Labor Day! Didn’t we just find out I was pregnant like, last week?? How am I seriously 15.5 weeks pregnant already?


2 responses to “Bradley Method and whatnot…

  1. The birth center we go to left it completely up to us whether or not we wanted ultrasounds or not. I like that they don’t force you either way. They let you research and decide what is best for you.

    Also I have a friend who loves the Bradley Method! She said it really helped her relax in her labors. It is great they limit the class size too.

  2. Hi, we met on LJ a LONG time ago and I just trolled over from facebook to say congratulations!!! I planned to have my son at a birth center 2 years ago and it was wonderful. . . he ended up being born in the car. And I took Bradley classes as well and it was the best information ever. I still find it useful the second time around. We are expecting #2 in about 4-6 weeks and are having a homebirth . . . but I ramble. CONGRATS!!

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