My mom has this friend who is a nurse practitioner who is into alternative medicine and homeopathic stuff. My mom was hanging out with her today and mentioned to her that I wanted a water birth, and my mom’s friend recommended a birthing center in Muncie called Expectations that does water births. I had looked into Expectations a little bit earlier on in my pregnancy, but didn’t really pursue it for some reason. My mom’s friend knows the certified nurse midwife who started the birthing center; they taught nursing together at Ball State.

I am going to call tomorrow and see if Tim and I can interview her and tour the birthing center. It’s like 2 minutes from Tim’s work and closer to Pendleton than 86th and Township Line is.

In general I think my current ob/gyn is a good doctor, but I do not feel that he would listen to me or my desires. He outright dismissed a water birth as being “faddish” and “did not see any medical benefit to either the mother or the baby” (lower risk of c-section? lower risk of an episiotomy? um, yes, I do believe those are both medical benefits!) and I have the feeling he would do the same with other things.

Another nice thing is that the birthing center is minutes from Ball Memorial Hospital so if there were complications they could transfer me easily and quickly. They also have family practic physicians on staff who would be available.

The birthing center would let my husband stay with me through the night, a luxury only guaranteed to those in hospitals who were fortunate enough to snag a private room. They would let me eat or drink something if I so desired (and I am slightly hypoglycemic, so I can’t really see not eating anything but ice chips for who knows how long in addition to running the marathon that is labor and delivery).

I need to pray about this more, definitely, and Tim does, too, but I am going to call and schedule a tour and interview and go from there. I want to do what is best for my baby and for me.


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