Jon and Kate Plus 8

Last night I started reading this book I checked out from the library about the baby’s first year.

I had to put it down because I started feeling overwhelmed.

I am extremely happy to be pregnant, and so excited to be a mom. But after reading about what will happen to my body immediately after birth and how hard the first months will be, I just felt overwhelmed. Being sleep deprived worries me. I am a person that needs sleep, and needs a lot of it. I read that book and had visions of crying from exhaustion and screaming at my husband and other things. Which may (probably) will happen.

I suppose this is a completely normal feeling, but I am starting to doubt my abilities to be a mom. However, I am confident that the Lord knows what He is doing, and will give me the strength and grace to be a mom. On the other hand, I also know that this is going to be tough. Really tough. And part of me wonders if I am up to the task.

But you know what helps me? Jon and Kate Plus 8. If you’re not familiar with the TLC show, it’s about a couple — Jon and Kate — who have a set of twin girls and also a set of sextuplets. That’s 8 kids. The twins are 7 now, and the sextuplets — three boys and three girls — are 3 1/2.

Every time I watch the show I am encouraged. I am inspired by Kate. She is so organized. I have a hard time keeping a small apartment with 2 adults and 2 cats clean, and to keep up on our laundry. And watching the little kids makes me really excited to have kids. And watching how Jon handles being a dad makes me excited to see how my husband will rise to the occasion.

I can’t help feeling like if they can do what they do, that somehow I can do this mom thing. After all, I am only having one at the moment.

I would love to meet Kate, and give her a hug, and tell her that she is my hero. She, and other moms everywhere. Moms might be the most under-appreciated people on the planet. I never realized how much moms DO until I got pregnant, and I think I will realize it on a whole new level once this little one is born. Our church has lots of moms (the majority of our church is young families), and I don’t know how they feel about this, but I watch them. I watch how they interact with their kids, how they teach their kids about the world. And I am always so impressed.


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