Can I just say that I love hymns?

Love, love, love hymns.

I think it’s because I am a word person. I write. I read. And words are a big part of who I am. And hymns are words — beautiful words saturated with the glorious truth of the gospel, which is a message I need to hear over and over and over and over again, because I forget so easily.

Neither Tim nor myself were particularly blessed with musical talent (although I suspect that I could have been had my parents not let me decide to opt out of piano lessons at age 6; and Tim has rhythm), but I want to be a family that sings hymns. I want my kids to know the words to hymns and to sing them with us. I also want to find an artistically-inclined friend or person to transcribe the lyrics to hymns loved by Tim and myself (Before the Throne of God Above, Be Thou My Vision, Jesus I am Resting, among others) in some kind of pretty way so we can frame them and hang them around our house.

It just amazes me how much hymns speak to my heart. I downloaded the newest Road Sessions EP from Matthew Smith (of Indelible Grace) off of NoiseTrade and was blown away by this hymn in particular (although all 5 songs on the album are beautiful):

Calmer of my troubled heart

Bid my unbelief depart

Speak, and all my sorrows cease

Speak, and all my soul is peace.





Comfort me when e’er I mourn

with the hope of Thy return

And til I Thy glories see

Help me believe in Thee





Such a simple song, but it so perfectly expresses what I so often feel. My heart is often troubled, I struggle with unbelief. And it is my prayer that God would comfort me with the thought of Christ’s return to reign on the earth and to finally finish making all things new, including myself. And boy, do I need help believing. And, it is such a comfort to know that the Spirit enables me to believe in Christ, and will give me the faith to endure to the end.

Beautiful. That’s all I can say.


One response to “Can I just say that I love hymns?

  1. Hymns are wonderful! Sometimes they express just what our hearts are saying or need to say.

    Oh and I just read your posts about the house hunt. That is exciting. The brick ranch sounds beautiful. Brick is def. my favorite building material. Although our house isn’t brick I think it is gorgeous. Also ranches are great. We really like ours. There is something nice about having the kitchen and master bedroom on the same level that we both really like. 🙂 I hope that it continues well. This is a good time in your pregnancy to be moving and all that. I moved around the beggning of my second trimester and it worked out well.

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