We made an offer!!

Yesterday we did the second walk-thru of both houses and I decided that I liked house #2 better. House #1 was still very charming and had some character, and it was in town, which we like, but, for the price and for all the stuff we’d have to do to it to re-sell it it just wasn’t a wise choice right now. House #2 has all the major updates (new roof, new furnace, etc) and has a new, updated kitchen that I just love. It’s also a brick ranch so we don’t have to worry about painting it — just the trim work every so often. And brick ranches have great re-sell value. And they are energy-efficient. And, all the appliances (new ones!) would stay. We would just have to buy a washer and dryer (and can I just say that I am excited about going to h.h. gregg and buying a washer and dryer?? I am a freak, I know). So it just made a lot more sense in the long run.

After the second walk-thru we sat down with our realtor and went through all the paperwork to make a formal offer. We’ll hear back tomorrow by 5pm on whether it was accepted. The house is listed at 119,900, and our offer was 110. Our realtor said that houses in that neighborhood usually go for 95% of their asking price, so we are kind of preparing ourselves for a counter-offer. But, you never know. It’s a buyer’s market, that’s for sure.

Anyway….it’s so cute! I am just really happy with this house. I hope we get it!! If our offer is accepted,  and providing there is a passing inspection and all that, we are going to close August 15th, and take possession (as the people still live there right now) somewhere during the 30 days after that.

We could be in our house by Labor Day!


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