The house hunt, part 2

We looked at three houses tonight. One was GROSS — it was owned by people who obviously smoked — alot — and also had a giant dog that often peed inside the house. Yucky. The second and third houses, however, were both really cute. They were really cute — for completely different reasons. And they both had pros and cons that were completely different as well.

The first one: an older home in-town Pendleton. Super cute. It had been updated nicely, but still needed a few more updates. For example, it doesn’t have central air or a garage. But the yard and the house was so cute.

The second one: also very cute. Brick ranch with an AWESOME kitchen. Doesn’t need updates. Would have a higher resale value as is.

We are doing a second walk-thru of both on Sunday afternoon, and my mom and dad are coming with us. They are smarter at this kind of thing, and have a little more experience.

With either one I could see our baby playing in the yard or running around the house being chased by Daddy. Now to choose which one. Argh. I didn’t anticipate this problem — we’ve been finding so few houses that worked much less that we liked that I didn’t anticipate that we would find two houses we liked.

My belly is getting bigger! It’s pretty exciting. So far I really like being pregnant.

Oh, and this is unrelated: in our attempt to save money, I have started using a solution of one part water and one part vinegar (yes, vinegar) to clean. It’s sanitizes and it’s cheap. And the smell goes away once it dries. And, to be honest, I don’t mind the scent — it smells clean to me. I also found a recipe for making homemade eco-friendly laundry detergent. I haven’t made it yet, because I couldn’t find one ingredient — washing soda. Apparently Fishers housewives who shop at SuperTarget don’t make their own laundry detergent.

But once I make some I’ll let you know how it goes. I am quite pleased with how vinegar worked out. And did I mention that it doesn’t have harsh chemicals that could be bad for kids and pets?


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