The house hunt

The house hunt continues.

It had almost ended. We found a house in Fortville that we LOVE LOVE LOVED, and we’re going to do a second walk-thru with my dad and with Tim’s parents because they were in town for the 4th. But, that afternoon our realtor called and told us that they had accepted an offer. I was so disappointed. I loved that house. I still am disappointed.

So, supposedly the housing market really sucks right now but the two houses we’ve found and liked have been bought from underneath us. So, don’t believe everything CNN tells you, I guess.

I think we need to move faster. When we like a house, we need to put an offer on it right away. It’s just hard because we don’t have a great deal of money and we’re rather conservative when it comes to big purchases like houses and cars. My very smart and very calculating husband doesn’t like to be rushed into financial decisions, especially when those decisions are huge. Which is good. I am thankful that Tim thinks through things and really desires to use the money that God has provided for us wisely.

I guess we know what we are looking for now, and what we don’t like and what we like, so when we find the right house, I think we’ll be able to move pretty quickly. This nesting instinct is kicking in, though — I can’t wait to be out of this apartment and in our own little home.

Two more homes that look promising just went up for sale in Pendleton, so I think we will try to take a look at those this week. I hope it goes well. I know the Lord knows we need a house, and I know He knows that we need one sooner rather than later, and I know that He knows we don’t have tons of money. I trust that He will lead us to the right house at the right time.

In other news, I want Mexican food. And Tim is taking a nap. Wake up so we can get Mexican food. Seriously though? Mexican food sounds awesome. I think the baby must be growing a ton. I have been starving to death every two hours for the past few days. It’s kind of crazy.


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