I’m a parent already…

Yesterday I opened at work which meant I was there at 4:30am. The bank that our Starbucks is attached to has a big screen TV tuned into CNN and during a slow moment I saw the story of the tornado destroying the Boy Scout Camp in Iowa. My heart just broke. I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, or maybe I am just already really attached to this little one growing inside of me, but I feel like I can sympathize with parents and the love that they have for their children a little bit more than before. I just had to pray for the parents of those 4 boys who died. What a terrible tragedy. What mom packed up her little boy for Boy Scout camp with any idea that he would die there? It just breaks my heart.

I was talking to Tim about all this and we just had to say that this baby is a gift for God, and we don’t know how long we’ll have this little one. I want to treasure every moment.

I’ve been thinking about other stuff, too, more related to the actual raising of this kid than pregnancy. We think we want to homeschool, at least in elementary school. We’ll just have to see whether we send them to school after that. It depends on where we are living and how much money we have, etc.

In unrelated news, I have been really GRUMPY recently. I feel like pregnancy has given me a shorter fuse than I had before. I cry more easily, get mad more easily, get stressed out more easily, etc. I need the Holy Spirit to fill me and override these crazy hormones which make me less than Christ-like….


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