bread machine

As we have a baby on the way, we’re pretty much desperate to look for ways to cut costs around here. Every little bit helps. So I did some research, and it turns out that baking your own bread is cheaper than buying it in the store, and healthier, too. I don’t have time to bake bread from scratch every day, so I thought…hmmm…bread machine. A quick search on revealed the cheapest bread machine to be $50 bucks. Too much. Craigslist…$15. Score! I emailed the seller and as it turns out, they are trying to save up money for an international adoption, so they had a garage sale for which people donated items, and this was one thing that didn’t get sold. So, I’d get a $15 bread machine and they get some cash to help them get their little one. Pretty sweet deal.

I am pretty excited about trying it out!!

I’m 8 weeks 3 days today. My baby is somewhere between the size of a pinto bean and a medium green olive.


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