Random moodiness

Yesterday as soon as I got to work I hopped on DT bar. A newer girl was on register and DTO for the first time, and she really did a very good job, but DT is really hard and newer people can be a little slower than those who have been doing DT for a long time. Anyway, I am not the fastest on bar anyway. Probably because I actually aerate the milk properly and try to make the drinks to standard. A fault of mine, I know. I was doing okay on bar for a while until we got this one order. Oh my gosh. People. IF you have 4 extremely picky drinks, park your car and come inside the freaking store rather than hold up the line. The car had 4 drinks which were a venti breve white mocha extra hot, a venti nonfat no whip mocha extra hot, a triple grande white mocha at 140 degrees, and a triple venti vanilla latte extra hot. Muerto. Well, ordinarily this would annoy me slightly, but no big deal. Yesterday I just could not handle it. I felt overwhelmed and on the verge of tears. I was just frustrated because I knew I was taking a long time (despite the time-consuming drink order anyway) and that there were other people in line who were going to have wait a long time to get their drinks. Even if it is not the DT bar barista’s fault or (even less likely) the DT register barista’s fault, people in DT can be extra rude, lazy, a-holes and can be quite rude and can frighten a newbie barista.

Anyway, it was just really weird how I felt really out of control and like I was going to cry over something that really isn’t a big deal. Hormones!


One response to “Random moodiness

  1. I feel for you! That was the first symptom that told me I must be pregnant. Never in my life have I cried over the smallest things. It was worse for me in the first couple weeks of pregnancy it got a lot better as time progresses although must say it still comes around for sure.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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