4 weeks, and welcome

My mom always said that she just knew when she was pregnant, every time. So, yesterday morning at 6:20am, after I woke up, and peed on a stick, and the first line showed up right away, and then, faintly, like a Polaroid picture developing, a second pink line appeared, faint as a whisper, I wasn’t terribly surprised.

Tim was sitting in the living room on the floor, waking up and checking his email and probably ESPN Page 2.

“Hey, come here and lookit this,” I said.

“Just a minute,” he said.

I went into our bedroom and put on my Starbucks clothes — black pants and a white polo shirt that already smelled sickly-sweet and coffee-esque because I had worn it the shift before. Hey, it was laundry day.

I walked back into the bathroom and checked the test once more. Yep, definitely a second pink line. Tim was still sitting on the living room floor.

“Well, hey, there are two lines. I think.” I wasn’t surprised. It just confirmed what I already knew in my head.

Tim got up and walked over to the test on the bathroom counter.

“Hmm, yeah. So. I guess. We’re having a baby?” We hugged.

Well, I had to go to work so I didn’t have time to worry/ think about it too much. I drank two iced venti ice waters throughout my shift and then headed to SuperTarget in search of another test and some prenatal vitamins. Came home. Took second test. This test was a more expensive, more sensitive test with a digital readout that told me definitely yes or no. None of this faint pink line stuff to interpret.

It said yes.

Called doctor. Fell asleep. Nurse practitioner called me back and said that I was 4 weeks and 3 days along, and due January 16, 2009, and to call back to schedule an appointment for 4 weeks from now.

And so our journey into parenthood begins, here, 2 days before our 3rd wedding anniversary. We took a walk, and I made Tim buy me ice cream from Handel’s because I was carrying his child. We called my mom and dad, siblings. Called Tim’s family. Excitement all around.

We are very excited, but I can honestly say that it has not fully sunk in yet. I keep waiting for it to all end, for it to be a dream or something. It’s very surreal. People at work asked me if I was happy, like there was a question of whether I was or not. I am happy — very happy. But I also have a ton to think about, and it’s only been 2 days. I am a little overwhelmed.

I haven’t noticed much in the way of symptoms — no morning sickness yet, but it’s early yet. My mom said she never got it very bad, so maybe (please, God) I will be spared. I am just not sure how I will handle randomly needing to throw up while working at Starbucks. There is one bathroom, and it’s not close to the front where I will be working. I can only imagine:

Me: “Hi there, how are you today?”

Customer: “Venti bold, no room.”

Me: (turns green, holds up one finger in a “hold on” motion, turns and runs to bathroom)

Not sure how that’s going to work out. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I need to get some vitamin B6. Mom says that helps.

My boobs hurt a little, but not too bad. I do need to wear a bra at all times, even to bed.

My tummy has kind of a full, heavy feeling that is somewhat hard to describe.

I have been craving red meat, especially liver and onions. I know, weird, right? I told my mom today and she laughed, invited us over for dinner, and made some for me. (Tim does not like liver and onions, so she made him a hamburger instead). I ate 3 slices. I feel much better now.

Tastes are more intense, as are smells. Tim made lentil curry for dinner last night and didn’t spice it nearly as much as we normally do, and I couldn’t eat it. Today at work I made myself a grande caramel steamer with the normal amount of syrup (4 pumps) and it was way too sweet — I couldn’t drink it. Then after dinner tonight my mom got me a toffee creamsicle and I couldn’t eat it because it was too sweet, too. As far as smells go, I told Tim repeatedly when he got to my mom and dad’s after work that his breath smelled. I think he was a little hurt, but seriously.

And I have been ridiculously tired. Part of that may be the conspicuous lack of caffeine in my body, and part of it may be the fact that I am pregnant.

Our baby is the size of a sesame seed this week.


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